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  • Full Time
  • Kolkata

Website Shalimar Hatcheries Limited

A group that is committed to the poultry industry.

  1. Takes dictation in shorthand of correspondence, reports, and other matter, and To keep  record  of incoming/outgoing  dak,  files/registers  etc. to keep filing upto date to fix appointments, to arrange meetings and collect information desired by the Officer, to deal in a tactful manner with visitors and to attend telephone calls with courtesy;
  2. To maintain confidentiality and secrecy;
  3. To type and take dictation in shorthand and to transcribe it accurately;
  4. To maintain a list of officers (with their official as well as residential telephones and addresses) with whom the officer is likely to have official dealings;
  5. To keep an accurate list of engagements, meetings, etc. and  remind the officer in time and to make available to him all  the necessary papers for such engagements/meetings;
  6. To maintain a proper order of the papers required to be dealt with by the  officer and  to bring  to his notice, the papers/cases which requires immediate attention;
  7. To  destroy by burning  the  stenographic/notes of the confidential/secret nature after they have been typed;
  8. To keep track of the progress of cases/matters till these are finally disposed of;
  9. To keep reference books, rules ordinances, statutes, etc. upto date;
  10. To extend cooperation to his seniors.

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