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Shadow Teacher/ Counselor/ Remedial Teacher

  • Full Time
  • Mumbai

Website _@littlepods Little Pods

Little Pods has an opening for Special needs teacher and Counselor.

Little Pods is an organisation that caters to children with special needs, i.e; children with Autism, A.D.H.D, Down’s Syndrome, Learning Disability, etc. We aim at training these children with skills to help them be more independent in many different aspects of life.

Job Profile –

  1. As a Special needs teacher the professional has to accompany the special child to an international inclusive school, the professional will be sitting right next to the child in the classroom and will be working on his academic, social and behavioral skills. The professional will also make the child independent enough.
  2. As a Behavior modification professional, one is expected to take a tailor made home sessions for children with special needs. The professional plans and execute’s different behavior modification techniques depending upon the developmental need of the child.
  3. As a Remedial Teacher, the professional has to visit one of our client’s place for homes sessions, Professional has to plan, make and execute interventions for the child.
  4. As a Special Educator, the professional is expected to take home sessions focusing one core academic concepts for a child with special needs. Different teaching and learning aids to be used for these sessions.

Alternate Saturdays are Off.
Sundays are Fixed Off.
Timings – 8-9 hours of working per day.

Location- Mumbai (Western and Central line).

To apply for this job email your details to

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