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Project Manager

Website Katha

Katha ( is a grassroots Indian not for profit organization that for the last 29 years has been empowering children to become agents of change through quality education, teacher training, and world-class book publishing. Katha works in the slums of New Delhi to ensure that children from underprivileged backgrounds are able to receive the quality of education needed to build a better future for themselves and their families.

About – I Love Reading (ILR)

I Love Reading! (ILR) is an innovative reading and school transformation program that Katha runs in Delhi’s municipal government schools and surrounding slum communities. It aims to improve the effectiveness of elementary education in the government school system, especially reading skills for children, with a focus on under-served children in Delhi. Studies have proved that reading is the key to performance. When children do well in school, their self-esteem and confidence go up and with it their attendance and retention. This enables them to stay in school to complete their education, and opens opportunities for them to become strong leaders of the nation.

ILR is based on Katha’s proven education and teacher training methods that we have developed, tested and refined over the last 29 years. Katha also uses its beautifully illustrated, internationally acclaimed storybooks for children to engage children in reading and to help teachers tackle some of the most pressing issues in India such as poverty, inequality and to enable sustainable change. These storybooks are from Katha’s collection of 200+ children’s titles sourced from India’s many regional languages and published in Hindi and English.

ILR is a holistic, multi-stakeholder model that engages all key stakeholders by:

• Helping children improve their reading skills, in school and in slum communities using stories that provide a culturally rich environment;
• Training teachers to use Katha’s Story Pedagogy to engage children in learning; manage large class sizes, develop interesting curriculum, and linking learning to community issues to ensure education is relevant
• Creating forums for school principals to share best practices
• Empowering parents to take action on community issues such as access to safe drinking water, sanitation and healthcare to remove obstacles to regular school attendance; and
• Engaging government to give Katha access to schools and demonstrate the model’s success.

Key Responsibilities

 Leading the planning and implementation of the project:
 Oversee and coordinate entire program
 Coordinate and supervise the program, evaluation, assessment, and reporting.
 Prepare presentations, attends meetings, and networks with community members to determine needs of the community so as to facilitate program operations
 Collect and analyze program data and use it for program improvement
 Establish a routine schedule of school visits to monitor overall school operations
 Oversee and monitor the use of program resources
 Identify training needs of staff and build their capacities
 Facilitate the planning, execution, and logistic of teacher training workshops
 Working with the programme Team Leads to facilitate the development and tracking of goals , objectives within the stipulated timeline timelines
 Organising and facilitating meetings, tracking and reporting project progress against set indicators and following up on action items
 Mapping Quality at each levels (on the basis of KPIs given on the programme) and continuous assessment of the programme as a whole
 Networking, proposal development and resource mobilisation for ILR Programme
Volunteer Engagement, Visibility and Brand Building:
 Working closely with social Media Team on creating visibility of the programme in Delhi and spread the positive outcomes across stakeholders from different walks of life through diverse mediums
 Collaborate with institutions, agencies and individuals for forming support group and value addition into the programme by engaging volunteers, consultations, and solution exchange meetings
Desirable Skills
 Masters Degree in Social Work/Social Science with 1 – 4 yrs of relevant experience preferably in development sector
 Good Communication Skills – Both Hindi and English
 Report Writing Skills
 Strong inclination and interest in education
 Should be able to deliver under deadlines

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